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Kejohanan Majlis Sukan-Sukan Daerah (MSSD) Klang: Merentas Desa 2011

Before anyone makes any pre-assumptions, let me get a sentence in edgewise- I pulled out of the race.

To be more specific, I fainted after a kilometer and spent my time lying down on the side of the road waiting for the paramedics that never came. As I told the teachers positioned at that particular checkpoint, "If I were severely injured and on the verge of dying, I would have died by now". They simply had nothing with them; no bottle(s) of water to quench the dehydrated, nor counter-pain to relieve the cramped. The very fact I was left at the side under the blazingly bright sun unattended for almost 5 minutes proved something was missing from their knowledge. Fortunately, someone on motor dropped by to check on things and had enough sense to remove my shoes and lift up my legs (standard procedure). But then again, I was left under direct sunlight for the next 30 minutes I was stuck there. Yes you read right, I was there for around 30 minutes. I was only transported back to the venue when the pick-up van came to give all the teachers a lift back to the headquarters- even the slowest of the slowest stragglers had walked their way back based on my observations when the pick-up van did its rounds and passed all the checkpoints for teachers in need of a mean of transport other than their own two legs. 

Do not mistake me for one of those people that gives up easily. You see, I'm currently facing what I termed as  'bouts of dizziness'. It happens to me all the time; even when I'm not exerting myself in any particular way by doing some vigorous heart-pumping activity. I've been known to feel dizzy by just sitting down and scribbling answers into my homework paper. When this 'attacks' pop up, my vision would be flecked with huge black spots; not unlike those old scratchy films you've seen before. After the 'attacks', I would be light headed and uneasy for varying periods of time. The frequency of these bodily defect has risen since last three months ago (for those who knew, I fainted twice during the President's Cup; a swimming competition). And I can't see a doctor until somewhere during late March or early April due to an insurance policy. *Sheds a tear and bids farewell to sports*

One thing I wouldn't miss though, is uneven tanning. See how dark my complexion has become!

I might not have gotten anything to show for it, but I can't say this has been a total waste of time. After all, my mandarin-speaking skills improved by a milestone! The results of hanging out with a mandarin-speaking bunch for 2 weeks.

A Small Introduction About the Kejohanan MSSD Merentas Desa:
1. It's divided into four categories for high school kids-
a) Under 15 boys (6km)
b) Under 15 girls (6km)
c) Under 18 boys (8km)
d) Under 18 girls (6km)

2. Top 20 runners will receive a medal and a certificate. However, only the top 6 runners will continue to represent their district in the state-level cross country competition as the limit is 6 people to a team.

3. All competitions must be held in a rural area. 

4. Each year, the Pihak Pentadbiran Daerah (PPD) a.k.a the district administration will select a school to organize and host this event. This year's host was SMK Sri Sementa.

5. And each year, they always do some aerobic exercises (for all my 3 years, I never bothered entering the hall to attend once).

PS: This is my third year participating. Form3- 18. Form4- Somewhere within Top30 (I can't remember my exact position), Form5- Well, we all know what happened right?

Now let's rewind back into time.

My mother took one good look at me and remarked, "You went and roast yourself right under the sun, just before Chinese New Year"; one of those days during the car ride back home from school after a grueling day of running training. Initially, I wasn't sure if I would be participating again this year, but ended doing so anyway out of the reason it's my last year as a high school student and I may as well cherish the moments while I still can. Doesn't this qualify as one of those high school memories you can look back 10 years from now and say, "How I miss doing those things when I was in high school!"? (Even if I did faint and got disqualified because I didn't finish the race this year)

Reasons why I wanted to pull out:
1) My parents only recently bought for me health insurance. This means I have to wait a grace period of at least 3 months before anything could happen to me. (There's this policy whereby you can't insure yourself for a problem you already know you have)

2) My bouts of dizziness were getting more frequent. Instead of just 'black spots', the spells of dizziness are now accompanied by flashing lights (no, I don't know what that means).

3) I suspect my knee is having a case of 'wear and tear'. 

4) I rather not run this year; and be able to run next time, then to run this year; and never be able to run again for the rest of my life.

Nevertheless, I went for the training held almost everyday after school, and carried on to be present during the 2 weeks of central training held in Taman Rakyat during school hours in preparation for the competition. This meant I skipped class for 2 whole weeks. We were also given the choice of not entering class when we came back; and gosh, the time when we came back! The day would commence by waiting in the canteen, then walking outside to the bus (everyone else would be stuck in assembly), journeying to Taman Rakyat, warm up, drills, more running, cooling down, waiting for the bus, then journeying back to school. For those 2 whole weeks we came back at a range of 11.45am-12.30pm. Thus, there was barely any difference for whichever option you choose when it came to entering class.
Note: School ends at 1.05pm.

Now imagine that stack of homework piling at the foot of your bed. 

*Ignores the stack of homework so precariously piled* Here are some photos taken in Taman Rakyat:

The main entrance of Taman Rakyat.

Looks nice doesn't it? The building behind the sign might look like a 'warung' (food stall), but actually, it's the toilet.

The official opening of the park engraved in plastic.

An old (and slightly rusted) map of Taman Rakyat.

Pn. Azlina and Cikgu Nik- the 2 teachers in-charge of my school's team.

On the last day of our Central Training, we ended our training early and had an hour to kill before the bus came to fetch us back to school. Guess what we did? 

And let me tell you, this year's team from my school for under18 girls must be the most photogenic and picture-hungry group of girls ever found in history to be taking part in the cross-country competition.

This is a failed jump shot, but I love it anyway because we look so cool!
Me (girl in black)- Cut me out and Photoshop me into a ship with the wind blowing right into my face!
Li Wen (girls in maroon)- Gosh, someone sure looks high!
Jasmine (girl in green)- Isn't she the shyest thing ever?
Kai Ru- Her pose reminds me of Goofy from Disney when he bounces up and to say 'hi' to his friends.

Finally, one successful jump shot!
You will hear me screaming "STAIRCASE-SHOT" if I'm within a 100m radius from you.

It's called 'rekindling the kid in us'.

I stopped her from swinging after I saw this picture. (When I told my mum, she scoffed and said, "I used to do it all the time when I was a kid.")

One of the most romantic spots in Taman Rakyat. I thank the person who was thoughtful enough to arrange those rocks in the shape of a heart.

All these are pictures taken on the 26th, one day before the actual competition (the day we went to view the track).

The venue of this year's competition. It has so many names I don't know what to call it: 1) Kompleks Rakan Muda Daerah Klang, 2) Pejabat Belia dan Sukan Daerah Klang, and 3) Kementrian Belia dan Sukan Malaysia. 

A list of places in the complex.

A court.

The tennis court.

The extreme park consisted of 3 things:
1) Two man made rock walls.
2) A skateboarding rink.

I don't really know what this is, but this could be seen from the top of the skateboarding rink.

Some random pictures taken at the skateboarding rink:
I'm missing because I was the one holding the camera!

Boys will be boys- they were trying to use momentum to run themselves up to the top.

Well, it isn't just us girls who are posers.

Now for the track itself! 

This was what we had to run pass during the initial stage.

I was so tickled with the name of this road.

Some housing areas: among them is Taman Klang Perdana (the picture above).

My school's bus driver! The very same one that drove us to Taman Rakyat for 2 weeks and for the viewing of the track.

A policeman directing us the right way for under 18 girls.

A car workshop.

Lalang grass twice the height of a man.

You see, I'm not kidding. (This proves how much of a city kid I am.)

A hostel.

The spot I fainted at the side of the road, more towards the right though.

This was so eye-catchy I couldn't help snapping a picture of it.

There was a whole bush of this!

If you ask me, this year' track is terrible-it's smack right in the middle of an industrial area! (Those are factories in the picture.)

Yet another stretch of factories that emitted foul air pollution.

And because it's an industrial area, there were many lorries on the road.

'One Malaysia'- some patriotic folks must have erected this lovely sign.

Another factory; this time, a plastic factory. 

If I had any money with me at that time, I would have been sure of purchasing some 'nasi lemak lontong'.

I have no idea why anyone would want to waste a perfectly good helmet like this.

Dare you attempt to cross to the other side using this makeshift bridge?

Yaay! The signboard! It means we're getting closer!
A group picture at the finishing line! (Yes, we didn't care everyone was staring at us.)

And another jump shot! 

27th January 2011

Judgement day. 

My number- which was taken away from me after I fainted.

You already know what happened to me, so let me tell you the achievements my school got.

Vishnu (Under 15 boys)-16th.

Izzat (Under 18 boys)- 18th.

Kai Ru (Under 18 girls)- 11th.

Congratulations to all the winners (even the ones not from the same school as I)!

Now it's time to recuperate and enjoy the holidays.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. As they say in mandarin, 新年快乐.

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